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The Post-Accomplishment Blues

I have been fully brainwashed (hehe). The mission to instill the irrational desire to publish scientific writing has been accomplished. I have celebrated my first first author publication!!!(still in press, will cite later):). Immediately afterwards I ask myself “What’s Next?“. Now I feel a certain melancholy, a lull in energy. I also feel, almost for the first time, a bit daunted by my decisions about which type of research, which paper, a new idea for a project, or an old manuscript idea? “What paper is next?” “How do I spend my time?” These are serious questions.

When in doubt, make a priority list:
1. Dissertation Proposal (of course)
2. ANYTHING!! (have fun be creative!)
– quit smoking smart phone apps
– my public health media portfolio
– grant writing
– ????

Next, schedule time for top priorities?
Having trouble? Set smaller goals.

Best of luck!

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon