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The Post-Accomplishment Blues

I have been fully brainwashed (hehe). The mission to instill the irrational desire to publish scientific writing has been accomplished. I have celebrated my first first author publication!!!(still in press, will cite later):). Immediately afterwards I ask myself “What’s Next?“. Now I feel a certain melancholy, a lull in energy. I also feel, almost for the first time, a bit daunted by my decisions about which type of research, which paper, a new idea for a project, or an old manuscript idea? “What paper is next?” “How do I spend my time?” These are serious questions.

When in doubt, make a priority list:
1. Dissertation Proposal (of course)
2. ANYTHING!! (have fun be creative!)
– quit smoking smart phone apps
– my public health media portfolio
– grant writing
– ????

Next, schedule time for top priorities?
Having trouble? Set smaller goals.

Best of luck!

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon


Accepted into Temple University’s Public Health Doctoral Program!

Temple Owl
Big news! I have been accepted to Temple University’s Public Health doctoral program, concentrating on Behavioral and Health Sciences. I am very excited to be working the other students and faculty at Temple. They have a great reputation for research in the public health, health psychology, and environmental health fields.

Starting the end of this month I will be TAing, taking advanced courses in statistics, research methods, public health theories and program evaluation. Hopefully, I will still have time for my work at the Clean Air Council, independent research, this blog and my music!

Wish me luck!