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2018 Wrap-Up!

Hi Folks,  I would like to quickly wrap-up 2018 with some introspection and review. So, what happened this year on our end? Two of each:

  • The Negative:
    • The health of those closest to me, including my own was challenged and is still in jeopardy. However, we are persevering.
    • Our healthcare system is an unacceptable source of stress, in my opinion. It is dysfunctional to the point of actually causing some degree of sickness. “Do no harm” is not be actualized; finances aside. Empathy is missing.
  • The Positive:
    • I was promoted from a Program Manager position to an Assistant Director role at Health Promotion Council. We connected the dots between opioids, tobacco, healthcare, and communities.
    • SPM Research and Consulting, LLC (, while slowly, has evolved, and continued to zero in on the identity of the organization, and the services and products it provides. Concrete steps are being made. The domain was purchased and the website is up and running. Hand-out materials (e.g. business cards, service/product description one-pagers, brochures, etc) will be made available upon final design (e.g. brand, logo, marketing plan outreach).

Stay tuned. Visit the SPM site for more info.


SPM Research and Consulting Takes Flight!

That’s right! I have officially launched a research and consulting company.

SPM Research and Consulting, LLC.  We offer strategy, design, data and research methods, meeting facilitation, and organizational development.

This blog will serve up the latest and deepest, but most accessible usable ideas about research, strategy, program design, and workflow in the non-profit and public health care sectors, not from my mind alone, but from the entity that is! Stay tuned for more video, audio, interviews, etc!

Sean McCormick, PhD (Public Health)

Temple OwlUPDATE: I successfully completed the Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Health at Temple University (concentration in Social and Behavioral Science)!! My diss is at the publishers. I will share links when they become available!!

In the meantime you can catch my work on ResearchGate.

Looking forward to the next big things and some structural equation modeling with the same smoking cessation, coping and urge data! No spoilers!

The Post-Accomplishment Blues

I have been fully brainwashed (hehe). The mission to instill the irrational desire to publish scientific writing has been accomplished. I have celebrated my first first author publication!!!(still in press, will cite later):). Immediately afterwards I ask myself “What’s Next?“. Now I feel a certain melancholy, a lull in energy. I also feel, almost for the first time, a bit daunted by my decisions about which type of research, which paper, a new idea for a project, or an old manuscript idea? “What paper is next?” “How do I spend my time?” These are serious questions.

When in doubt, make a priority list:
1. Dissertation Proposal (of course)
2. ANYTHING!! (have fun be creative!)
– quit smoking smart phone apps
– my public health media portfolio
– grant writing
– ????

Next, schedule time for top priorities?
Having trouble? Set smaller goals.

Best of luck!

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon

Temple U Public Health doctoral program – midterm update

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Temple CHP logo

Hello Hello!

It has been way too long since my last post! Any guesses why? That’s right! I have been busy with coursework, my TAship and research in my new PhD program at Temple. So far the Ph.D in Public Health program has been great! The PH department is wonderful; faculty, staff, fellow graduate students, the undergraduates — everyone is great!

My courses this semester are all core classes: Fundamentals of Public Health (Bioethics & History), Epidemiology, and Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior. While they are required courses, I am finding them to be challenging, useful and relevant on many levels.

Research wise, I am waiting on Drexel’s IRB to approve my stress and asthma study for another year. In the meantime, I am helping my advisor, Dr. Brad Collins, in his lab, the Health Behavior Research Clinic. Presently, I am helping put together a paper looking at how cue exposure therapy and cue extinction can predict likelihood of quitting smoking. I will write more on that in a later post.

Other than that, I am busy TAing (Teaching and Learning and Intro to Public Health). Lots of fun! I am also getting some experience running classes.

Lastly, I am heading off to APHA’s conference in Denver! I will try to blog a short review on that when I get back.


Accepted into Temple University’s Public Health Doctoral Program!

Temple Owl
Big news! I have been accepted to Temple University’s Public Health doctoral program, concentrating on Behavioral and Health Sciences. I am very excited to be working the other students and faculty at Temple. They have a great reputation for research in the public health, health psychology, and environmental health fields.

Starting the end of this month I will be TAing, taking advanced courses in statistics, research methods, public health theories and program evaluation. Hopefully, I will still have time for my work at the Clean Air Council, independent research, this blog and my music!

Wish me luck!

I’m featured on Clean Air Council’s frontpage!

Check it out! My work educating health care providers about air pollution and respiratory health was recently featured on Clean Air Council’s homepage. The picture is from the presentation to the staff at The Penn Lung Center.

Read my blog entry about this program or visit the CAC site for more info.

If you would like me to present to your organization, just contact me! smccormick (at)

The McCormick Health and Wellness Blog Summer 2009 Kick-Off

Health Research articles, news, and fascinations are everywhere.  This blog will serve as a fast, easy, and accessible format in which to corral bits of research and science that I find particularly relevant or intriguing.  Want to join in?!  Go for it!  Comments are open.

Here is what I am thinking for topics to really start things off:

Air Pollution and Respiratory Health: partially in conjunction my work on asthma at the Clean Air Council.

Power naps!:  They can be quick, restorative, and sometimes almost exhilarating.  Some biophysical considerations might be interesting.  Any takers?

Either way, I think there’s more to come!

-Sean McCormick

Asthma Project Coordinator

Clean Air Council

Philadelphia, PA