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Science: not a religion, just a way of truth-seeking

This is good. However, smarter science deniers will say that you can do all of these things and still, knowingly or unknowingly, be creating biased/untrue findings; they say all of science is just a huge data cherry picking contest<–which is true, to a large degree! –> All the more reason to be thorough, reproduce, and #openscience, #data, #code, etc. Don’t walk away from or doubt #science, just do it better yourself, dig deeper, and we should train better and more student, citizen and professional scientists…. this is a no-brainer in my opinion.


E-cigs/Vaping Interview on WHYY!

Last week I was a guest on the Philadelphia local NPR station 90.9 WHYY RadioTimes, with host Marty Moss-Coane, Michael Siegal from Boston University, and Reuters reporter, Jillian Mincer.  I was proud to represent the Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project, a program of the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation. Feel free to share/link. Any questions, contact me at smccormick (AT)

Looks like the audio was removed, but if I can find a new link or get permission to share it directly, I will. It was a solid discussion.


Sean McCormick, PhD (Public Health)

Temple OwlUPDATE: I successfully completed the Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Health at Temple University (concentration in Social and Behavioral Science)!! My diss is at the publishers. I will share links when they become available!!

In the meantime you can catch my work on ResearchGate.

Looking forward to the next big things and some structural equation modeling with the same smoking cessation, coping and urge data! No spoilers!

Inspiration!!! Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan’s first meeting

I usually reserve this blog for health-related research, but I think it’s time to expand it a little into the world of teaching and education.  I am on a career path that will involve some teaching at the college level, and with hopefully some mentorship.  Even though I am still early in my career, I have already had the privilege of mentoring some students (I am an instructor/coordinator for undergraduate internships at Temple University).  This experience has already been extremely rewarding.  

This video of NGT describing his first experience with Carl Sagan reminded me of how important it is to be uber-supportive of those coming up in your field of study.  I hope to continue to grow as both a mentee and mentor.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Recounts His First Meeting with Carl Sagan

Neil deGrasse Tyson is set to host a follow-up series to Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”


The Power of (Blog) Writing

Despite the increase in use of audio and video formats written communication remains central to academic and scientific work. While publishing with journals is accelerating with online document transfer, the need for information in written form remains. As a doctoral student I am constantly writing, and need to be doing even more of it. I also need to be doing it faster, and at a higher quality.

Like any skill or muscle, writing benefits from exercise. I am choosing to exercise my writing skills through these (semi)regular blog postings. The blog format offers a sometimes less formal setting for free flowing thought, that can also hold manuscript style reporting; depending on the post, or my mood of the day.

Having the blog and knowing if it’s been idle also encourages me to take a more involved and connected role in the advancement of current science. As a professional in health and science fields, finding ways to stay current is crucial to our understanding of health issues, our ability to treat safely, and our ability to increase efficacy and cost-effectiveness across the board.

As an upcoming instructor/professor-wanna-be/researcher, this blog also reminds that what we really need is the opportunity to write. Sometimes you give yourself that opportunity (e.g. creating a journal or blog) and sometimes you are called upon to write something (e.g. my addictions summer class). Either way, writing happens.