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About Sean McCormick

I am a data-driven partner, researcher, educator, advocate, and theorist passionate about applying evidence-driven solutions to health, behavior, and social justice. I also love dance music, deep techno, and funky house.

My Four Favorite Productivity Tools

In no particular order, here are four of my favorite productivity tools. Make yourself, your team/employees, and your partnerships more effective!:

  • Evernote is one of my favorite and most-used utility apps. I keep notes for work, home daily to-do’s, business, journaling, lyrics, etc. You can attach all sorts of files, and search both digital text and hand-written text.  Add tags, and you have a powerful, seamless, and consistent organizational tool. Well done, Evernote.
  • Google Drive and Google Docs: Easy to share, and easy to avoid “stepping on each other’s toe’s.” ie. drafts, revisions, multiple authors. Google has succeeded, in some ways, to make document editing more enjoyable, than MS Office. Though, I use both.
  • Basecamp, another app/cloud-based service, but with projects, lists, and due dates closer to the heart. Android app needed work, but the functions were solid; e.g remind staff on Monday to complete a bullet point list of their schedule and priorities to send around to the team.
  • Mendeley is a document library, like Evernote in that the documents are searchable, but the focus is on PDFs, more or less. Scholarly writers and journals using citations (as they all should) can use Mendeley to organize articles into folders, subfolders, tags, share with groups. Mendeley also allows for “Notes” written as sort of a sticky note, as well as highlighting and few other review/reading related tools (i.g. zoom). However, Mendeley’s greatest power, in my opinion, is patching it together with Word.  You can insert and search authors, keywords, title, etc, right in Word while you are writing! Mendeley will also auto-populate your references into any format you select (APA, Chicago, MLA) and the list updates live in the Word document. Amazing time saver.

Take advantage, or at least try these really nice, low-no-cost products depending on your level of use. Good luck out there! Contact me if you would like some examples or walk-throughs!


2018 Wrap-Up!

Hi Folks,  I would like to quickly wrap-up 2018 with some introspection and review. So, what happened this year on our end? Two of each:

  • The Negative:
    • The health of those closest to me, including my own was challenged and is still in jeopardy. However, we are persevering.
    • Our healthcare system is an unacceptable source of stress, in my opinion. It is dysfunctional to the point of actually causing some degree of sickness. “Do no harm” is not be actualized; finances aside. Empathy is missing.
  • The Positive:
    • I was promoted from a Program Manager position to an Assistant Director role at Health Promotion Council. We connected the dots between opioids, tobacco, healthcare, and communities.
    • SPM Research and Consulting, LLC (, while slowly, has evolved, and continued to zero in on the identity of the organization, and the services and products it provides. Concrete steps are being made. The domain was purchased and the website is up and running. Hand-out materials (e.g. business cards, service/product description one-pagers, brochures, etc) will be made available upon final design (e.g. brand, logo, marketing plan outreach).

Stay tuned. Visit the SPM site for more info.

SPM Research and Consulting Takes Flight!

That’s right! I have officially launched a research and consulting company.

SPM Research and Consulting, LLC.  We offer strategy, design, data and research methods, meeting facilitation, and organizational development.

This blog will serve up the latest and deepest, but most accessible usable ideas about research, strategy, program design, and workflow in the non-profit and public health care sectors, not from my mind alone, but from the entity that is! Stay tuned for more video, audio, interviews, etc!

Science: not a religion, just a way of truth-seeking

This is good. However, smarter science deniers will say that you can do all of these things and still, knowingly or unknowingly, be creating biased/untrue findings; they say all of science is just a huge data cherry picking contest<–which is true, to a large degree! –> All the more reason to be thorough, reproduce, and #openscience, #data, #code, etc. Don’t walk away from or doubt #science, just do it better yourself, dig deeper, and we should train better and more student, citizen and professional scientists…. this is a no-brainer in my opinion.

E-cigs/Vaping Interview on WHYY!

Last week I was a guest on the Philadelphia local NPR station 90.9 WHYY RadioTimes, with host Marty Moss-Coane, Michael Siegal from Boston University, and Reuters reporter, Jillian Mincer.  I was proud to represent the Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project, a program of the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, an affiliate of Public Health Management Corporation. Feel free to share/link. Any questions, contact me at smccormick (AT)

Looks like the audio was removed, but if I can find a new link or get permission to share it directly, I will. It was a solid discussion.


Sean McCormick, PhD (Public Health)

Temple OwlUPDATE: I successfully completed the Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Health at Temple University (concentration in Social and Behavioral Science)!! My diss is at the publishers. I will share links when they become available!!

In the meantime you can catch my work on ResearchGate.

Looking forward to the next big things and some structural equation modeling with the same smoking cessation, coping and urge data! No spoilers!

The Post-Accomplishment Blues

I have been fully brainwashed (hehe). The mission to instill the irrational desire to publish scientific writing has been accomplished. I have celebrated my first first author publication!!!(still in press, will cite later):). Immediately afterwards I ask myself “What’s Next?“. Now I feel a certain melancholy, a lull in energy. I also feel, almost for the first time, a bit daunted by my decisions about which type of research, which paper, a new idea for a project, or an old manuscript idea? “What paper is next?” “How do I spend my time?” These are serious questions.

When in doubt, make a priority list:
1. Dissertation Proposal (of course)
2. ANYTHING!! (have fun be creative!)
– quit smoking smart phone apps
– my public health media portfolio
– grant writing
– ????

Next, schedule time for top priorities?
Having trouble? Set smaller goals.

Best of luck!

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Vidal Sassoon