My Four Favorite Productivity Tools

In no particular order, here are four of my favorite productivity tools. Make yourself, your team/employees, and your partnerships more effective!:

  • Evernote is one of my favorite and most-used utility apps. I keep notes for work, home daily to-do’s, business, journaling, lyrics, etc. You can attach all sorts of files, and search both digital text and hand-written text.  Add tags, and you have a powerful, seamless, and consistent organizational tool. Well done, Evernote.
  • Google Drive and Google Docs: Easy to share, and easy to avoid “stepping on each other’s toe’s.” ie. drafts, revisions, multiple authors. Google has succeeded, in some ways, to make document editing more enjoyable, than MS Office. Though, I use both.
  • Basecamp, another app/cloud-based service, but with projects, lists, and due dates closer to the heart. Android app needed work, but the functions were solid; e.g remind staff on Monday to complete a bullet point list of their schedule and priorities to send around to the team.
  • Mendeley is a document library, like Evernote in that the documents are searchable, but the focus is on PDFs, more or less. Scholarly writers and journals using citations (as they all should) can use Mendeley to organize articles into folders, subfolders, tags, share with groups. Mendeley also allows for “Notes” written as sort of a sticky note, as well as highlighting and few other review/reading related tools (i.g. zoom). However, Mendeley’s greatest power, in my opinion, is patching it together with Word.  You can insert and search authors, keywords, title, etc, right in Word while you are writing! Mendeley will also auto-populate your references into any format you select (APA, Chicago, MLA) and the list updates live in the Word document. Amazing time saver.

Take advantage, or at least try these really nice, low-no-cost products depending on your level of use. Good luck out there! Contact me if you would like some examples or walk-throughs!


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