2018 Wrap-Up!

Hi Folks,  I would like to quickly wrap-up 2018 with some introspection and review. So, what happened this year on our end? Two of each:

  • The Negative:
    • The health of those closest to me, including my own was challenged and is still in jeopardy. However, we are persevering.
    • Our healthcare system is an unacceptable source of stress, in my opinion. It is dysfunctional to the point of actually causing some degree of sickness. “Do no harm” is not be actualized; finances aside. Empathy is missing.
  • The Positive:
    • I was promoted from a Program Manager position to an Assistant Director role at Health Promotion Council. We connected the dots between opioids, tobacco, healthcare, and communities.
    • SPM Research and Consulting, LLC (www.spmrc.org), while slowly, has evolved, and continued to zero in on the identity of the organization, and the services and products it provides. Concrete steps are being made. The domain http://www.spmrc.org was purchased and the website is up and running. Hand-out materials (e.g. business cards, service/product description one-pagers, brochures, etc) will be made available upon final design (e.g. brand, logo, marketing plan outreach).

Stay tuned. Visit the SPM site for more info.


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