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Temple U Public Health doctoral program – midterm update

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Hello Hello!

It has been way too long since my last post! Any guesses why? That’s right! I have been busy with coursework, my TAship and research in my new PhD program at Temple. So far the Ph.D in Public Health program has been great! The PH department is wonderful; faculty, staff, fellow graduate students, the undergraduates — everyone is great!

My courses this semester are all core classes: Fundamentals of Public Health (Bioethics & History), Epidemiology, and Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior. While they are required courses, I am finding them to be challenging, useful and relevant on many levels.

Research wise, I am waiting on Drexel’s IRB to approve my stress and asthma study for another year. In the meantime, I am helping my advisor, Dr. Brad Collins, in his lab, the Health Behavior Research Clinic. Presently, I am helping put together a paper looking at how cue exposure therapy and cue extinction can predict likelihood of quitting smoking. I will write more on that in a later post.

Other than that, I am busy TAing (Teaching and Learning and Intro to Public Health). Lots of fun! I am also getting some experience running classes.

Lastly, I am heading off to APHA’s conference in Denver! I will try to blog a short review on that when I get back.