National Health Center Week

Community health centers are one of the many new frontiers of public health and health care. “With continued growth at fifteen percent annually, Health Centers will serve 44 million patients by 2020, and all medically disenfranchised patients by 2026.”* That’s why it’s great to see that there is a whole week dedicated to these health care outlets.

This week is National Health Center Week (August 8th-14th, 2010). It is dedicated to recognizing community health centers and their mission to provide high quality health care to those most in need. The non-profit I work for, Clean Air Council, is proud to partner with Greater Philadelphia Health Action (GPHA) to provide free information on environmental asthma management, indoor and outdoor air pollution, tobacco cessation, waste and recycling programs, public transportation programs, etc.

For more information on community health centers visit the National Association of Community Health Centers.

* Shin P, Markus A, and Rosenbaum S. Measuring Health Centers against Standard Indicators of High Quality Performance: Early Results from a Multi-Site Demonstration Project. Interim Report. Prepared for the United Health Foundation, August 2006.

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