– community-based online air pollution mapping!

Philadelphia does not currently meet federal air quality standards, in large part due to emissions generated from motor vehicles, especially trucks. When cars and trucks leave their engines running, they are not only wasting fuel, but releasing harmful particles and greenhouse gasses into the air.

To combat unnecessary idling Clean Air Council has launched an exciting new program called Idlefreephilly.or is a web-based tool using the free software SeeClickFix, a powerful community mapping platform that allows residents to report problems in their neighborhoods to city officials.

If you observe illegal idling you can jump online, at home, on your laptop, or through the SeeClickFix iPhone app, map the location of the idling, fill in brief description and both Clean Air Council and the City of Philadelphia’s Air Management Services (enforcers of the idling law) will be notified.

Despite idling being a major contributor to air pollution,the anti-idling ordinance lacks enforcement. Through the mapping of idling “hot spots”, areas that deserve attention can be identified making enforcement more likely. This program gives the City a cost-effective way to enforce it’s laws and empowers the public to make a difference in their community.

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